If I was able to press “Pause” on your life as you are reading this, what would I be pausing? Where are you? What’s around you? Who is with you? Are you feeling at ease? Anxious? Did you sleep good last night? What do you have to do today? Do you know where to find your car keys? Is your phone fully charged?

My name is Erica Perry, and I started this business as a result of my passion for organization and clutter-free spaces, and from my determination to help inspire and encourage YOU to obtain and experience the many benefits that flow from getting clear and letting go yourself.

I have had a natural tendency for organization most of my life. I was maybe three years old when I first started nurturing this “skill” – rearranging my Grandmother’s shoe closet by colour, organizing my books by letter or size, creating binders for each of my school subjects, and it just continued to grow with me – as I grew. I function better in clear, spacious, and orderly environments, and I recognized this very early in life. Physical clutter impacts the quality of our days, and how we move through our emotions. Even if/when we think that it doesn’t. Organizing can be a very therapeutic process. And often when your spaces are calm, you are more likely to find time for creativity, productivity and rest – and other important things.

Not always the case, however.

In the same way that overall health comes from the combination of BOTH movement AND healthy nutrition, overall organization comes from the combination of identifying and addressing BOTH the physical clutter AND the abstract (mental) clutter from your life. You must face both. Otherwise, it’s like going to the gym, but then stopping to pick up a bag of Oreos and some ice cream on your way home. Your efforts will be (negatively) impacted if you only pay attention to one aspect of clutter. While I always had a pull at clearing the physical stuff, it wasn’t until several years ago – on my 30th birthday – when I truly started to get honest with how much abstract clutter I had been carrying (and neglecting to deal with). And started to face the “mess” that that neglect had brought to my life.

If you work with me, you will soon realize that the first step in ANY organizing task, is to FACE THE CLUTTER. The problem. The mess. Reveal it. Look at it. Acknowledge it. Open the closet door. Pull out the junk drawer. Lift the welcome mat. Be honest with yourself, on the challenge ahead of you. It won’t be easy. But it will be worth it. As we often hear, you have to “Make a Mess, to Clean a Mess”. It’s true.

For 13 years, I kept an important part of me hidden from the rest of my world, out of fear and shame. It wasn’t until I found the courage and the strength to share that I was/am a lesbian with my family and friends, that true transformation (and healing) began to occur for me. A transformational path toward authenticity: being proud of who I am, and living a life that feels good (and aligned) for me. When I started sorting through the abstract clutter in my heart, everything else started to fall into place. And the physical clearing became even easier. Just as healthy nutrition choices support dedicated workouts. And vice versa.

Personal organizing plans and objectives are different for everyone. There is no one-size fits all approach. Yet, all approaches encompass the same principles: getting clear and honest on what’s working for you, what isn’t, what needs to go, and what new habits and processes could to be implemented that will make you feel better about yourself and your life overall?

I may not have the ability to actually pause your life. And we all know that there is no “rewind” or “fast-forward” option either. But. There is this moment. And the power of decision. And your life, is Your Life. Make it count. Maximize your well-being. And be true to who you are. Ask yourself what adjustments you can make right now for better days to come, and where you may be able to let go.

Erica Xo

Other Highlights:
I graduated from UPEI in 2009 with a BBA (Honours) – always with the dream of one day starting my own business.

I have spent the last 10+ years working for and assisting Senior Executives stay better organized and more focused on what matters most for them, and have been fortunate for the experiences, skills and networks that I have obtained through these opportunities.

Family matters most to me. A shoutout to my wife Jody for her unconditional love and support with all of my crazy ideas and dreams. ❤

My favourite days are unexpected days without plans (like true storm days).

I love to write – and am currently writing my first book. 🙂 #staytuned

Nature is my favourite place to be.

You can never take enough photos! #onelife

I have a weakness for shoes and chocolate.

Listening is more important than talking. And laughing always heals.