Meet Erica

Erica Perry, BBA (Hons)
Founder and Organizing Coach

*Bachelor of Business Administration (2009)
*10+ Years Assisting Senior Executives
*5+ Years Working for Non-Profit Orgs.

“I started this business from my passion for organization and clutter-free spaces, and the healing that they bring. I am determined to help inspire and encourage YOU to obtain and experience the many benefits for yourself that flow from getting organized and letting go.

I have a sincere desire to help others overcome struggles similar to which I have experienced – through authentic shared experience and ongoing support. Life has taught me many valuable lessons, and I’m no longer afraid to talk about them.”


A little more about me…
* Authenticity is what I strive for.
* I have the best wife and business partner – Jod. You’ll also love her.
* Coffee is the way to my heart.
* I am currently writing a living memoir, “Dear Lennon”.
* I am a Gemini through and through.
* Nature is where I am happiest.
* I love meeting new people.
* I am more introverted than extroverted.
* I appreciate meaningful conversation and connection.
* I value diversity, inclusion, equality and doing the right thing.

Professional Bio:
With an eye for organization, detail and space potential for most of her life, Erica always knew that she wanted to one day pursue a career in assisting others cultivate clutter-free spaces and organized lifestyles, in some way. She completed a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from UPEI in 2009, and spent the following 10+ years working for Senior Executives in Corporate Sectors and Non-Profit Organizations – always while feeling a strong calling to the entrepreneurial world. During the summer of 2021 she took a terrifying (yet liberating) step to resign from her full-time job to optimize her own time-management habits to be able to turn more focus and energy on overcoming health concerns, and to focus on going all in with her own objectives and dreams. When she’s not working, she likes to spend time writing, adventuring outdoors, and connecting with friends and family. She lives in Johnstons River (PEI) with her wife Jody, and will never say no to a hot cup of coffee.