Through a lens of love and high-quality practices – caring for and tending to your home, office, car, etc. as if it was our own – our goal is to help you transform and refresh your physical spaces and daily environments through hands-on value-based organizing.

We will leave you with our favourite tips and tricks for lasting impact and sustained results – leaving your spaces feeling fresh, welcoming, and renewed.

All Packages Include:
* Complimentary Consultation
* Project Contract
* Confidentiality Agreement
* Space Assessment
* Decluttering and Categorizing
* General Cleaning
* Organizing and Reassembling
* Before and After Photos
* Monthly Invoicing

Booking Options1 Organizer2 Organizers
1/2 Day Service $150.00** + ($7.50)$300.00** + ($15.00)
Full Day Service$250.00** + ($12.50)$500.00** + ($25.00)

** Plus Mileage of $0.40/km + (5%) for Supplies (Cleaners, Labels, etc.), as noted above.
** Full Day Services are booked from 9am to 4pm.
** 1/2 Day Services can be booked to begin at 9am or 1pm.
** Next price adjustment date: January 1st, 2023.