1] Onsite Organizing
2] Onsite Organizing + Deep Cleaning
3] Personal 1-1 Coaching
4] Group Coaching
5] Virtual Assistant Services
6] Speaking Engagements

For booking and/or pricing inquiries, please email:

Helping you transform your spaces through hands-on, on-site organizing. Teaching you tips and tricks along the way for lasting impact and sustained results.

Mother – Daughter “Enhance Your Space” Tag Team
My Mamma and I will leave your favourite spaces feeling fresh, welcoming and renewed.
Friday and Saturday Bookings Only.

3] PERSONAL 1-1 COACHING | Onsite* or Virtually (Zoom)
1-Hour Sessions
Option 1: Organization 101 – The Basics of Clutter
Option 2: Project Specific Coaching – Letting Go and Making Space
Option 3: Ongoing Maintenance Support – Adjusting and Recommitting

4] GROUP COACHING | Up to 20 Participants | Onsite* or Virtually (Zoom)

Option 1: Team Lunch and Learn:
“Organization 101 – The Basics of Clutter”
1-Hour Session

Option 2: Team 1/2 Day Workshop:
“Maximizing Effort and Reducing Burnout – All Things Clutter”
3-Hour Session

Option 3: Cozy Clearing Circles [Residential]:
“Letting Go Together” – Sometimes Over Wine 😉
2-Hour Sessionfor You and Your Friends and/or Family
Thursday Bookings Only [7-9pm].

5] VIRTUAL ASSISTANT SERVICES | Project and/or Contract Based
Possible Engagement Opportunities:
> Calendar Management and Scheduling
> Contact Monitoring – Inbox and Social Media
> Contact Responding – Inbox and Social Media
> Content Creation – General Writing, Forms, Templates, and Visuals
> Content Review, Editing and Formatting
> Correspondence Distribution: Letters, Cards, etc.
> Design Work [Basic]: Infographics, One Pagers, Announcements, etc.
> Database Creation and Management
> Electronic File Management
> Interview Panelist + Reference Checking, etc.
> Job Seeking Support – Résumés, Cover Letter and Interview Tips
> Life and Critical Family Binder Development
> PDF Editing
> PowerPoint Presentation Development
> Vision Boards and Personal Affirmations
> Work Plans and Goal Setting
> Zoom Meeting Coordinator and Facilitator

6] SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS and Facilitation | Onsite* or Virtually (Zoom)
Designed for Larger Groups | 20+ Participants
1-Hour Session

Option 1: Clearing Clutter and Why It Matters | CLUTTER
Option 2: Life by Design – Inner Whispers and Hard Decisions | SOUL
Option 3: 168 Hours – Maximizing Your Weekly Schedule | TIME
Option 4: The Hard Parts – Fear, Vulnerability and Acceptance | GROWTH
Option 5: The Stories We Believe & the Stories We Tell | COMMUNICATION

*Travel Rate of $0.40/km Applies and Adjusts Annually