Client Reviews

Client Feedback
“I wish I had more time to work with you.” – 2021.01
“I have so enjoyed working with you, and appreciate everything you have done for me.” – 2021.02
“I’m proud of you for following your dreams… Your services are invaluable to people (even if they don’t realize it yet).” – 2021.05
“Great tips on decluttering, physically and mentally. The time went so quickly.” – 2021.09
“The whole presentation was well done. Lots of great information, advice and tips.” – 2021.10
“Thank you for teaching me that it’s okay (and necessary) to start slow with one or two changes at a time.” – 2021.10
“…but she also created systems within our working space that have made our work days much for efficient and manageable. We (as a staff) are now able to complete large tasks easier, with better communication, better management, and have a much better inventory control.” – 2021.11
“Awesome experience with these two young women! They did a bang up job emptying, purging, cleaning and reorganizing my kitchen! Give this excellent service a try! You won’t regret it!” – 2022.02
“Planning my next projects already! Book some time with these great young women! You won’t regret it.” – 2022.02
“I am beyond grateful for the transformation that happened at my house! If you need help with decluttering, organizing and space transformation, I urge you to reach out to Slight Adjustments.” – 2022.04